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Fall 2009 eNewsletter

Fall is often a very busy time. School is in, vacations are over, new projects get started and old projects are finished. Our calendars are full.

In this Fall 2009 edition eNewsletter you'll find a Full Calendar of Savings and Special Offers in the Fall 2009 Specials, another interview with an iZ Technology customer and valuable technical information.

iZ Technology will be at the 127th AES Convention - October 9 - 12 in New York City. We will be in booth #154 - joining with Mercenary Audio.

CALL US - 800-776-1356 (in North America). For access from other countries check the phone numbers on our website.

Fall 2009 Specials

Starting with the AES show, each week of October and November has a new Special offer. Click on each week to learn that week's Special offer.

Calendar Special #1 Special #1 Special #2 Special #3 Special #4 Special #5 Special #6 Special #7

Special #1
October 9 to 16


If you are filling up your removable recording drives, or your drives are more than 5 years old - you should consider purchasing new or additional drives. From October 9 through 16 you will receive 10% off any drive order.

Choose from:

  • 73 GB 15,000 rpm SCSI (for up to 96 kHz)
  • 73 GB 15,000 rpm Hi Speed SCSI (for up to 192 kHz)
  • 74 GB 10,000 rpm SATA (for up to 96 kHz)
  • 150 GB 10,000 rpm SATA (for up to 96 kHz)
  • 250 GB 7200 rpm SATA (for up to 48 kHz)

All recording drives come pre-assembled in their carrier and are tested before shipping. Contact iZsales to order. Valid October 9 through 16 only.

Check out the specials page on

Special #2
October 17 to 23


You asked for iZ converters.  We listened.  For the past 15 years, the converter technology that makes RADAR the best-sounding multi-track in the business has been exclusively available to RADAR users. With the introduction of the ADA series, RADAR's superior converter technology is available now in a stand alone device.


  • ADA Frame with Touch Screen
  • AES and SPDIF 2 channel Digital I/O
  • AES, SPDIF, Word Clock and Video Sync
  • Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI)
  • 24 channels input and output licensing

ADA with Classic (48 kHz) converters - $9999

ADA with Nyquist (96 kHz) converters - $11,999

ADA with S-Nyquist (192 kHz) converters - $13,999

Optional dual Pro Tools HD interface available. Contact iZsales to order. Valid October 17 through 23 only.

Check out the specials page on

Special #3
October 24 to 30

SAVE BIG $$ on Full Package RADAR V

RADAR hard disk recorder systems are the best multi-tracks in the business - they're the premier choice for hard disk multi-track recording and playback in some of the finest recording studios, scoring stages, theatres, and post production houses around the world.


  • RADAR V Frame with DVD Combo Drive and Floppy Drive
  • 2 GB RAM, USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet
  • 160 GB System Drive with 3.5x series software pre-installed
  • AES and SPDIF 2 channel Digital I/O
  • AES, SPDIF, Word Clock and Video Sync
  • Your choice of two removable recording drives: 73 GB SCSI or 74 GB SATA
  • Sync Processor Card for MIDI, SMPTE, RADARLink (TM) and Sony 9-pin control
  • Session Controller and 24 channel Meterbridge

RADAR V with Classic (48 kHz) converters - $13,999

RADAR V with Nyquist (96 kHz) converters - $15,999

RADAR V with S-Nyquist (192 kHz) converters - $17,999

You can also add on Digital I/O. Choose from AES, ADAT, TDIF and/or MADI.

Contact iZsales to order. Valid October 24 through 30 only.

Check out the specials page on

Special #4
NOVEMber 01 to 06

SOFTWARE upgrade special

Upgrade your RADAR 24 or RADAR V to the latest software and also save on hardware upgrades.

Version 3.5x Series Software comes pre-installed on a new 160 GB System Drive and is regularly priced at $1095. With this Special upgrade offer, you can get the 3.5x Series Software, Drive and a USB 2.0 card for only $999.

Version 3.5x Series Software features improved performance and functionality as well as enhancements and new features:

  • USB 2.0 Support - transferring from/to external USB 2.0 drives; support for USB memory stick for audio transfers and software updates
  • New File Management Desktop - graphical file management. Allows drag and drop transfers using a mouse to USB devices or onto your network
  • Track Arm / Zoom Level - remembered on a per-project basis
  • and more

You can also purchase desired hardware upgrades like more RAM, Gigibit Ethernet and a higher performance CPU for up to 15% off with the purchase of the 3.5x Series Software upgrade.

Contact iZsales to order. Valid November 1 through 6 only.

Check out the specials page on

Special #5
NOVEMber 07 to 13

AES Digital I/O

Save 15% when you purchase any of our multi-channel Digital I/O options:

  • AES - Record or playback 24 tracks at up to 96 kHz
  • TDIF - Record or playback 24 tracks at up to 48 kHz
  • ADAT - Record or playback 24 tracks at up to 48 kHz
  • MADI - Record or playback 24 tracks at up to 96 kHz

(Excludes the Dual Pro Tools HD option for ADA)

Increase the power of your RADAR system with Digital I/O Option Cards. RADAR makes it easy to work with multiple digital I/O formats.

Contact iZsales to order. Valid November 7 through 13 only.

Check out the specials page on

Special #6
NOVEMber 14 to 20

Session Controller Meterbridge
SAVE 15% on Session Controller

The Session Controller Professional Remote provides complete remote control of the RADAR as well as access to basic functions such as backup and restore. With this easy to use mouse-less interface, users will enjoy the tactile sensation of one-button remote functions and jog-wheel editing. The Session Controller’s tape machine style and auto-locator controls minimize the learning curve, allowing users to get right to work.

The Meterbridge provides instant and highly accurate input level indication for all 24 channels of RADAR audio. Each individual meter has 25 LED parts: 10 green and 10 yellow (for levels), plus additional LEDs for clip, arming, input, solo, and edit.

With this Special offer, when you purchase a Session Controller and either a Meterbridge 24 or Meterbridge 48, you will save 15% off the total price!

Contact iZsales to order. Valid November 14 through 20 only.

Check out the specials page on

Special #7
NOVEMber 21 to 27

Nyquist Analog I/O

iZ makes among the best analogue converters on the market. Upgrade the converters in your RADAR system to take your audio to the next level.

Save 15% when you buy 24 channels of Analogue I/O (3 card set) - either Classic (48 kHz), Nyquist (96 kHz) or S-Nyquist (192 kHz).

Contact iZsales to order. Valid November 21 through 27 only.

Check out the specials page on

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Interview - Kenny Royster - Direct Image Studio

Recently Kenny purchased some upgrades for his RADAR 24 and we asked him how he got started in the recording industry and why he uses RADAR.

"I started out listening to great records on a great stereo with my Dad. We had a big four speaker system in our living room. It taught me to appreciate great sound, songs, musicians and singers.

I began playing guitar and singing and wanted to record myself. I started with an 8 track multi track recorder and eventually RADAR 24. I moved to L.A. when I was 21 and started recording in many Hollywood Studio's with my band. Then I moved to Nashville, TN, where my current studio is.

After moving to Nashville, TN, I opened a small analog studio and eventually met an iZ Technology Corp. representative. He let me demo a RADAR. I was working on a recording project for Mercury Records, used it on that project and eventually bought my own RADAR 24.

RADAR felt like the analog world that I had been recording in and the interface was the most musical. The converters are the best sounding in the world.

I've recorded over 8,000 songs and 4,000 of those on RADAR. RADAR has been rock solid and some of my customers teach Pro Tools in the recording schools here in Nashville, TN, but record their tracks with me, which says something about the sound of RADAR.

I have a studio with six isolation rooms, full of mojo, with RADAR as my main recorder. I use Vintech mic-preamps on every microphone. I use a Sony DMXR-100 digital console with total recall and automation.

Clients I've recorded using RADAR: Heidi Newfield, Trace Adkins, Craig Morgan, Paul Overstreet, Linda Davis, Buddy Jewell, Richie McDonald... and many #1 hit songwriters.

My favorite thing about recording today is convenience and stability. RADAR continues to be rock solid and I can depend upon it. My studio is booked 12 hours a day five days a week and confidence in my gear is a must."

Kenny Royster Productions
Direct Image Studio
1700 Hayes St., Ste. 100-D
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 321-8532


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