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Legendary vintage studio ramps up its recording power with the latest RADAR system by iZ Technology Corp.

New Westminster, BC, Canada (March 2, 2013) – iZ Technology Corporation announces the latest installation of one of its new RADAR 6 system in the famous Casino Baumgarten in Vienna, Austria.

The legendary vintage studio Casino Baumgarten is one of the few recording studios in the world that still works with the original tube equipment from the 1960s. When first built, it was outfitted with only the finest gear available at the time, including seven Neumann M269s, a Studer C37, and three Fairchild limiters. Since that time, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Austrian jazz legend Fatty George, Friedrich Gulda and the Eurojazz Orchestra, and many other legends have recorded their works in this historic environment.

In 2012, it was time to revitalize and completely renovate the all-analog studio. Yet, the idea was to preserve the original feel and simply energize it with today’s cutting-edge technology, including the advantages of modern digital audio recording. “We only wanted to have the best possible digital recorder to fit our high end analog gear, and that’s RADAR 6”, says David K√ºblb√∂ck, first Engineer at Casino Baumgarten, “I have known and loved the sound and the reliability of RADAR systems for many years, so this was the only way to go.”

RADAR 6 is the newest version of the established and proven RADAR system, the premier choice for hard disk multi-track recording and playback employed by recording studios, scoring stages, theatres, and post production houses around the world. RADAR 6 has been updated with new features and improved speed, storage technology, editing, audio performance and user interface. Built with world-class converters, Adrenaline DR technology, dual digital/analog power supplies, near-zero jitter, and near-zero latency up to 192 kHz, RADAR systems transcend the digital barriers of sonic quality.

“We wanted a recording system that gives us the feel, sound and ease of an analog multi-track recorder but without the need to cut tape, background noise and tape costs, and allow for fast file transfer to our clients. We are not interested in plug-ins, mouse fiddling or ‘in the box mixing’”, he continues, “We focus only on the sound and the musicians’ performance. Using an outstanding recording system like RADAR 6 allows us to produce outstanding music”, says K√ºblb√∂ck.

iZ Technology is a Canadian owned and operated company which manufactures the renowned RADAR line of multi-track audio recorders and the unparalleled ADA A/D & D/A audio converters. What has set us apart since our inception is an uncompromising commitment to sound quality, rock solid reliability, extreme ease of use, and industry-leading technical support. More information is available at Like iZ on Facebook and follow iZ on Twitter @iZcorp.

Casino Baumgarten is one of the oldest vintage recording studios in original condition on this planet. It offers its clients high end tube gear from the 60s extended with the benefits of digital recording on RADAR 6. The studio features a supreme sounding historic recording hall with a unique vintage recording vibe. Casino Baumgarten is located in Vienna, Austria. More information is available online at and, as well as on Facebook.