Session Controller & Meterbridge, Software 3.54

Get the latest RADAR V from $6,695 US!

To celebrate the new 8 and 16 channel RADAR configurations, check out these specials:

  • RADAR V8 Classic:1 Classic 8 ch. card – $6,695 US!
  • RADAR V8 Nyquist:1 Nyquist 8 ch. card – $7,495 US!
  • RADAR V8 S-Nyquist:1 S-Nyquist 8 ch. card – $7,995 US!

All systems include: RADAR V with one 8 channel analogue I/O card, Adrenaline Plus recording engine, high speed DVD combo drive, KC24 controller, Sync I/O board including WordClock in/out/thru, Video sync in/thru, AES and SPDIF 2 channel I/O and sync, one high reliability SCSI or SATA recording drive

System features: latest RADAR software (version 3.54), 160 GB internal archive drive, 73 GB 15,000 rpm Server Class SCSI drive, high speed P4 motherboard with USB 2.0 and gigabit ethernet, 1 GB RAM, ultra reliable KC24 remote controller, “3 bay ready” housing (just add one receiver and recording drive to take advantage of RADAR’s dual disk recording mode for instant backup and data redundancy

Options: additional analogue I/O cards for 16 and 24 channel expansion, Sync processor card for MIDI, SMPTE, 9-pin and RADARLink functions, AES, Lightpipe, MADI, and TDIF 24 channel digital I/O options, Session Controller professional remote, 24 channel Meterbridge, additional SCSI and/or SATA drives

Offer ends on February 27, 2009. Click here to contact our sales department.


15% off Session Controller and/or Meterbridge

Purchase any RADAR system, including the V8 Special above, and receive 15% off your purchase of a Session Controller and/or Meterbridge.

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RADAR Software 3.54 Special

RADAR software version 3.54 is now available! To celebrate,we’re offering15% off the purchase of all 3.50-seriessoftware. To learn more about new software for your RADAR, click here.

Offer ends on February 27, 2009.