Why ADA?

The top 5 reasons you need an ADA

Reason 5: Interface to anything

Every studio is different, and every one has their preferred I/O set up. Well, ADA has got you covered; it can interface with Protools, MADI, AES, and ADAT.

Reason 4: Hear, see, and touch.

Of course, you need to mix with your ears. But for many tasks, you really need to see what you’re doing. ADA’s new 10.1″ touch screen offers the ultimate control, giving you access to deep features and parameters quickly and easily.

Reason 3: Extreme reliability

While we’re on the topic of things that can ruin a session, we might as well talk about ADA II’s extreme reliability. Our use of absolute top-quality components and stressing over the details like circuit layout mean that the chances of ADA II’s physical hardware failing anytime in the next 25 years are slim to none.

On top of ADA II’s robust hardware runs software of equal calibre. The same dedication to quality and stability are evident in ADA II’s codebase.

Reason 2: World-renowned support

As solid as ADA II is, it’s inevitable that you’ll need support at some point, whether it’s inquiring about our new Ultra Nyquist I/O boards, or getting some help upgrading drivers. Our dedication to you doesn’t end when you walk out the door. eMail, phone, Skype, we’re always at your fingertips, ready and eager to answer any questions.

Reason 1: Sonics

We’d be lying if we said sound quality wasn’t ADA II’s best feature. With near zero jitter, pristine signal path, and the latest in converter technology, there is simply not another recording device on the market that moves input to output as gloriously and euphonically as ADA II. There are plenty of good converters on the market. Even a few great ones. None can match ADA II.

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