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"With this recorder, you definitely get what you pay for"

iZ Technology Radar 6

“The IZ Technology Radar hard-disk multitrack-recording system has been around for two decades, with major revisions appearing approximately every five years. This year, the company released Radar 6, a stellar update that is smaller, quieter, faster, and cheaper than the previous incarnations, while offering a host of improvements in its feature set and audio quality. Yet, the system has retained the same uncompromising design principles that have guided all previous versions: to provide a rock-solid, dedicated recording system that emphasizes sound quality, ergonomics, and reliability. (During the eight years I’ve used my Radar V system, it has never crashed.)”

“STRENGTHS: Excellent sound quality. Reliable performance. Variety of connectivity options. Optional touchscreen and remote control. A decade of free tech support.” Full review

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