iZ Technology Corporation

iZ Technology is a Canadian owned and operated company which manufactures the renowned RADAR line of multi-track audio recorders and the unparalleled ADA A/D & D/A audio converters. What has set us apart since our inception is an uncompromising commitment to sound quality, rock solid reliability, extreme ease of use, and industry-leading technical support.


Helping customers realize their goals by delivering excellence and innovation in recording products of the highest quality.


iZ Technology Corporation has been developing visionary music and audio products for close to 25 years, beginning in 1988 with the development of the innovative Anatek line of MIDI digital processors called, “Pocket Products”.  In March 1991 a prototype of RADAR, the world’s first 24-track hard disk digital audio recorder, was shown at the Musikmesse. RADAR I and the TEC award winning RADAR II, which were originally distributed internationally by Otari Corporation from 1994 to 1999, achieved world-wide acclaim for achieving sound quality and reliability rivaling the world’s best high end multi-track tape machines.  Following that success, iZ launched the iZ RADAR 24 in 2000, the first multi-track hard disk recorder capable of 24 tracks at 96 kHz. In 2005 iZ Technology expanded its RADAR line to include the Adrenaline Plus-driven RADAR V, the first recorder able to lay down 24 tracks at 192 kHz to a single disk. In 2012, with close to 3000 RADAR units being operated in professional recording studios around the world, iZ Technology launched RADAR 6, the world’s first professional high resolution touchscreen multi-track audio recorder, housing the all new unsurpassed Ultra Nyquist analogue I/O converter cards. Now iZ Technology is changing the audio industry yet again with the latest RADAR studio – a fully integrated DAW in one box.

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