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All About RADAR studio

A detailed tour of RADAR studio, what it is, why we did it, how it works, configurations, options, upgrades, user interface, front panel, Session Controller, back panel, and pricing.

NAMM 2015: Video Overview Of iZ Technology RADAR studio

"James from Pro Tools Expert gets a full overview of the new iZ Technology RADAR system. Long considered the world’s finest digital audio recorder, RADAR now runs Pro Tools, natively."

iZ Booth - NAMM 2015

This is a video of the iZ booth at the 2015 NAMM show the Anaheim Convention Center. The video, shot by Barry Henderson, President of iZ was filmed at noon on Thursday January 22, and shows a walk up in Hall A, the now famous RADAR studio with Session Controller, 27" track view monitor, 27" touch screen monitor, and the iZ ADA II converter.

RADAR studio at the NAMM Media Preview Day

Today we launched RADAR studio at NAMM 2015! Watch this great video of Barry giving a tour of the world's first fully integrated DAW. Thanks to Audiofanzine!

iZ at AES 2012 - Sound on Sound

RADAR 6 debuts at AES 2012 in San Francisco!

iZ at AES 2012 - Gearslutz

iZ's outstanding quality taken to the next level.

iZ At AES 2012 - Pro Audio Design

Join Barry as he highlights the features of RADAR 6 and the revamped Classic 96 and Ultra Nyquist cards.

iZ at AES 2012 - The Pro Audio Files

iZ Technology shows some of their new gear the AES 2012!

iZ at AES 2012 - Harmony Central

RADAR 6: iZ's brand new version of the world's finest recording system.

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