Daniel Lanois

The Laboratory

"I like the RADAR because I grew up using tape recorders, and it is like using a tape recorder."

“Hello everybody, this is Daniel Lanois, welcome to the Laboratory. This is where it all happens. Only the best of the equipment here: my Neve console, my Steinway piano, and my RADAR recorder. I’ve decided to appear on camera here to celebrate my friend Barry Henderson. Barry invented this machine, the RADAR, and I’ve been using this recorder since back in the day, working with U2, and it’s been used on every project since. It’s a great sounding machine, so it’s my first choice. Barry has been very kind over the years by providing us with the very best service. Recently, he refurbished my machines and put in housing for the bigger and newer drive which we’re excited about to score some more music. And, that’s it, I’m doing this to celebrate a Canadian mate and inventor. Barry, I hope this works out for you because I really believe in your machines. Keep up the good work, and we will do the same here. Adios.”

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