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By Russ Long for Pro Audio Review
“Before hearing RADAR (Random Access Digital Audio Recorder) in the mid-1990s, some audio engineers swore they would never leave the analog realm. RADAR was the first device to win many of those engineers over. In a time when tracking to a computer was almost unheard of, the innovative Canadian company iZ Technology developed RADAR, ultimately licensing the technology to Otari (the Japanese pro audio brand who sold the RADAR brand through 1999) …
Adapting to the current trend of recording directly to a DAW, iZ announced their ADA A/D and D/A multichannel converter systems in 2008. Reviewed here, the second-generation ADA—the ADA II—was unveiled last fall at the AES Convention; ADA II continues in the iZ tradition of exceptional sound and build quality as well as user-friendly flexibility.” Full review ¬ª

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