RADAR: a better way to play multichannel audio

Multichannel audio playback for theme parks, interactive tourist attractions, museums, cruise ships, amusement centers, resort parks, public spaces, music backing tracks for concerts and tours, stems for church worship teams, mobile production units, and broadcast TV trucks.

Reliable and robust

RADAR systems purpose-designed to run audio, and are rock-solid, designed to play glitch-free audio all day long. Rugged Rack Mount designs also make for easy installation.

Personal service and support

RADAR comes with dedicated expert support. We don’t expect anything to go wrong, but if it does our support team is at your beck and call; whether on email, phone or Skype, we’ll fix your glitches or answer your questions.

Asynchronous playback triggers

Simple but flexible: route multiple channels of audio to multiple output locations, each with independent triggering. Other multichannel playback systems require all channels to play simultaneously but RADAR allows any channel of audio to run completely independent of the others.

Flexibly integrates with automated control systems

RADAR integrates well with other systems, whether audio interfaces or remote control systems. When connected to other control systems you can operate RADAR from touch panels, wall switches, motion sensors, or wireless tablet. Integration also allows audio tracks to be synchronized to other systems such as lighting or machine control.

Easy to use

Turn it on. Hit Play. Dead simple. RADAR software allows powerful and flexible configuration to meet the needs of the most demanding audio engineer and system integrator. But simple playback control is available for untrained users whether from the front panel or from an automated control system.

When you record on RADAR, you’re 100% focused on the sound.

  • Best-in-class sonics
  • Simplicity in design & controls
  • Avoid mid-session reboots
  • Plug-and-play file transfers (SD card, USB drive SSD, etc.)
  • Modular components allow for future add ons
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Built to last
  • 20+ years of industry recognition

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